Blackberry Jam Fruit Seeds - Randia formosa
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Blackberry Jam Fruit Seeds - Randia formosa

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grows as small evergreen bush-shrubs, usually only to a height of 4–5 feet tall if planted in the ground or 3–4 feet if planted in a container. It can also be made to a bonsai in a container. Fruits after 1-2 years from seed

This plant, closely related to the Gardenia, produces white flowers that are 1.5–2 inches in diameter. The flowers are star shaped, tubular, very fragrant and tend to attract nocturnal moths.

The olive-shaped yellow fruits are wood shelled, about 1 inch in diameter, and look like small loquats. They can be easily crushed when chewed. The fruit contains two cells with small flat seeds surrounded by sweet, black, soft pulp that tastes like blackberry jam.

USDA Zone 9b-11

Each pack contains 8 blackberry jam seeds.

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