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Anona Squamosa 'Isan Indigo' - Thai Purple Chewy Sugar Apple Seeds

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A new variety selected by us here at Green Planet Farm. You are buying seeds of A. squamosa 'Isan Indigo' which is a chewy purple sugar apple.  5 seeds per pack.

The tree was selected and exhibits high productivity, excellent chewy dark purple/red skin, inside has white meaty flesh with a raspberry juice flavor, relative low seed count, it is an 'easy peel' sugar apple.

Not all sugar apples are the same, there are tons of inferior purple and red sugar apples being traded. We do not grow those. Note: Seeds are not always true to type... but more than likely the seedling will result in a good chewy sugar apple very similar to the mother. No other Annona grow near our chewy purple trees. Some seedlings show good genetics so much so that a customer has named his seedling the 'improved Isan indigo' without even seeing or having original fruit. His review: "This is a seedling tree from the famous Isan Indigo. These are the best sugar apples I have ever tasted!"

We call this purple chewy sugar apple 'Isan Indigio.'  It refers to the region in Thailand where the original fruit and seed came from. A rural part of Thailand's North east region called 'Isan'. (Pronounced E-san)

There was one tree from all the seedlings that made about 6 fruits that 1st fruiting year. The second fruit year (3.5 years from seed) the tree set 50 fruits. The third and fourth year had yields of nearly 100 fruits on the tree.  It has since been very productive and outperformed its siblings and other known sugar apples, while exhibiting great fruit quality.

Background on sugar apple types:
In Thai they characterize the type of sugar apples into two categories: 'nang' or 'fai'. The 'nang' type is an easy peel chewy type when ripe. The 'fai' type is a type that is more of a sugary mush and much less desirable grainy texture. The 'Isan Indigo' is a 'nang' type along with the green 'Na Dai' Vietnamese types. MOST RED SUGAR Apple types in cultivation are the 'fai' mushy type.

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