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Sword Bean Seeds- Canavalia gladiata

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Great tropical giant legume that makes bean pods 12" in length. The plants vine and need to grow up something.  A nitrogen fixing plant that adds nitrogen back into the soil. It is edible in its young green tender phase. Tropical perennial needs a long growing season. 110 days until maturity but young tender pods harvested at 75 days.

*Mature hard seeds contain toxins so please do reasearch on them before trying to consume the dried version. *

The seeds are not extensively utilized as food/feed mainly due to the presence of certain antinutritional compounds such as total free phenolics, tannins, Concanavalin A (Con A) lectin, L-Canavanine (a non-protein amino acid), phytic acid, oligosaccharides, protease inhibitors and α-amylase inhibitors

A must have for any permaculture, agroforestry, syntropic farm or garden. Plant in mass to form a cover crop or ground cover.

Freshly harvested for the next growing season!
Price PER seed.

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