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Taste the Rainbow - Turmeric Variety Pack

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A collection of 4 rare Curcuma species for growing or eating.  A total of 1 lb of roots .

'Indira Yellow' (Curcuma longa) A classic for Indian dishes including curries. Great for cooking. A vigourous and strong grower. 

'Hawaiian Red' (Curcuma Longa) A very mild turmeric with a look and taste similar to a carrot. The best for eating fresh.  Lower curcumin levels than others. 

'Blue Turmeric' (Curcuma aeruginosa) medicinal and antimicrobial. used for joint pain in Bangladesh. Vigourous and productive grower. Its a taller variety with a broad green erect leaves with a dark purple to black stripe on the center of leaf.

'Black Turmeric' (Curcuma caesia) AKA Kali Haldi - medicinal root, 28% camphor oil. Beautiful dark green leaves with a dark black strip down the midrib. Purple/red flower. Rare/limited 

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