African Potato Mint
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African Potato Mint

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African Potato Mint (Plectranthus rotundifolius) has recently gained popularity among home and survivalist food growing enthusiasts due to its ability to grow an Irish Potato Substitute in warm climates and poor soil. The leaves and tubers of this mint relative are edible, traditionally grown in Africa and India, the African Potato Mint makes a lush green groundcover that grows easily in hot, dry conditions.

The plant has beautiful blueish/purple flowers in summer that bees love! It goes dormant in wintertime and that's the best time to harvest the potatoes. As spring comes, the little potatoes in the ground will sprout and form a dense mounding ground cover once again. It grows very easy is sandy sunny soil.

Note: This plant is somewhat 'invasive' so it can be grown in pots on ground fabric mat to keep from over taking if you have concerns. 

You are buying small mini starter potatoes, ready for the 2024 growing season.