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Annona Scleroderma - Poshe-Te, Cawesh Fruit Seeds

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Annona scleroderma - common names include Cawesh and Poshe-te.  It is a species of tree in the Annonaceae family.  It is an evergreen Annona tree. One of the best tasting annonas. It makes a fruit the size of an orange.  It has a hard outer shell which is unique to annona and makes it nice to ship or handle. The flesh is off white with a creamy pineapple-bananna flavor and is eaten out of the shell. There are many seeds which easily are removed from the flesh. The fruit is little known outside its native region in central america including belize honduras and guatemala. It reaches 15 to 20 meters tall about 65ft.

The seeds offered here were found growing on Mayan ruins in the jungles of  Belize. A very special tree that the ancient mayan people cultivated no doubt.

It is graft compatabile with annona glabra as a rootstock. 

Price per seed, very rare and limited quantity. Freshly harvested in April 2022

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