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Blue Turmeric - Medicinal Curcuma aeruginosa Fresh

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'Blue' Turmeric is a medicinal root native to Southeast Asia. Shown to have medicinal properties and antimicrobial.

The fresh rhizome has a blue colored halo/circle when cut open fresh. It is often circulated as "black turmeric" which is similar looking. However, the true "black" turmeric is Curcuma caesia  and has a blue color that spreads evenly when cut where aeruginosa has a blue ring halo.

 The plant itself grows to a couple feet tall with attractive dark green leaves and a black/maroon striped midrib. It has a reddish/purple flower that blooms in late summer to early fall.  It is a perennial herb that goes dormant in winter months.  It can grow in full sun to partial shade.

You are purchasing 1 sprouted large mother rhizome Curcuma aerugnosia turmeric 

All our roots are grown organically. These roots can be used to eat or to grow.
Each little finger can be planted to start a new plant or use in cooking.

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