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Electric Motor Kit for Sugar Cane Juicer

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 This motor kit is used to convert your manual crank juicer into an automated juicing machine. The motor will need to be mounted inline near your sugar cane juicer pulley. A rubber belt V belt will be needed. (belt not included in this kit as belt size will be determined on your specific setup)

The package includes:

  • 1/3hp Dayton electric motor with mounting cradle base plate.  Includes a switched power cord for on/off operation. motor rotation can be switched from either clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) depending on your configuration. CSA rated to international standards.
  •  Pulley for proper gearing and speed - Made in USA.

*WARNING: Motorizing these units makes them more dangerous as there are moving parts such as a pulleys, belts, and gears that can cause injury. Always keep hands and loose clothing away from machine and keep protective guards on machine when in operation. It should be operated at your own risk. Use caution when juicing.*

 Here is a video where we turned a manual crank sugar cane juicer into and electric powered unit.  This old video didn't include the power switch is now a standard feature in our kits.