Purple Forest Guava Seeds- Psidium eugeniaefolia
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Purple Forest Guava Seeds- Psidium eugeniaefolia

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Psidium eugeniaefolia  -  Araca-una -  Purple Forest Guava

Native to  the Atlantic rainforests of Brazil. A rare guava fruit similar to strawberry guava in shape and color but with a darker purple skin. It is much richer in antioxidants and is compared to the camu-camu fruit. Also known for tons of vitamin C. The purple forest guava is related distant relatives of the camu camu and jaboticabas. Some sources have listed this species as part of the Marlierea genus. But its recently categorized into the Psidum genus. 
According to Brazilian studies the eugeniaefolia has "potent antioxidant and antiproliferative activities."

The fruit from this particalar tree is to be sweet without resin or astringency. "amazing (flavor) , like guava and jaboticaba, no bitter or astringency"

Grow it from seed to fruit within a 3 years. Evergreen shrubby tree with very interesting bark and trunk. Grows in wet moist soil most productive in full sun but grows in shady situations also.  Said to handle temperature to 28F.

Each pack contains 5 seeds.

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