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Red Papaya Seed Pack - 'Red Melon'

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Background on our journey to find great tasting papaya for south Florida: 

The most common type in  Florida is what we refer to as 'mexican papaya' it is the one that grows wild in the Everglades and is the type my grandfather grew 50 years ago in Florida. It is an old heirloom type that make orange colored flesh,  grows very tall and have a strong musky flavor due to the large amounts of papain enzyme in the fruit. It is likely the one most of us tried  and decided we hated papapya because of that musky flavor....Let me tell you there is good papaya out there!

After traveling southeast Asia and eating magnificent papayas, we found the red flesh sweet varieties have less muskiness.  We have been growing Thai red fleshed dwarf papayas and selecting them.  These are our own selections we have made on the farm. Our main strain we grow is a red sweet type that Luke found on his travels in Thailand and we have been working with it since 2014. 

'Red melon' A newer type to our collection was a 'pop up' from the compost.
This types makes large round fruits that have a red salmon colored flesh.  Round  cannonball shapped fruits with sweet tropical melon flavors.  It does not have a musky smell or flavor.  Lost of edible flesh compared to the seed core. The leaf steems are green with broader leaves. Strong grower.  

Each order will contain:

20 seeds of 'Red melon'  Papaya

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