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Rose Rock Herb Loose Leaf Tea - Cistus incanus

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1 oz of Rock Rose Herb Loose leaf Tea Tin. Make great gifts!

Serving size/directions: 1 teaspoon per 6-8oz of water. Steep 10-15 minutes. Reuse the leaves up to 3 times for maximum health benefits.  Each brew extracts different compounds. Makes about 15  single 8oz servings (45 if you triple use the leaves).  

We like to add turmeric and ginger and Raw Green Planet Farm honey also!

*this is a great time to take the tea with the current corona virus situation going on*


Where is it from? Cistus (in Greek Kistos – the evergreen shrub) is a flowering plant in the rockrose family and they can be found throughout the Mediterranean region from Spain all the way down to Greece.

Uses and benefits Cistus Incanus specifically is traditionally used for bronchitis or other causes of coughs, flu and other respiratory tract infections, remarkable wound healing abilities, it breaks down biofilm, teeth whitening, antiaging skin, memory, it relaxes the mind, etc.

Cistus incanus is known for it’s ridiculously high levels of antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds. Plant-derived polyphenols have been shown to be strong antioxidants with potential health benefits who have antiviral and antibacterial potential.  

Evidence Through studies it has shown promising evidence against the influenza virus without exhibiting toxic effects, it has also show to be affective at fighting off HIV and Ebola viruses in the lab.

One clinical study conducted on  300 patients with upper respiratory tract infections compared the effect of Cistus tea versus Green tea, the Cistus proved to be superior in decreasing the symptoms.

***DISCLOSURE: As always, we make no health claims, we are not doctors. We research the products and the health benefits that the scientists study. Then translate them into common man terms.  We encourage everyone to do their own research also.  All the products we offer and make are used by us as well.***