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Ross Round Comb Honey - Saw Palmetto

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UNTOUCHED by human hands. This comb honey is a specialty product built and capped by the bees in special white rings, once the honey is capped, the round comb honey sections are removed and enclosed in a clear case and labeled. Comb honey is the purest form of honey and you can't get any better than this!

Ross Round comb honey is eaten together with wax simply slice a piece and place it in your mouth. It will then burst with thousands of unique tastes and flavors from the millions of flowers the bees foraged.

Saw Palmetto honey is a gourmet honey produced only in rural wild stands of ancient palm trees that are a relic of old Florida. Very Limited availability! Only one beehive made Saw palmetto Ross Rounds this year.Net wet is variable at 6-8oz.

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