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Sword Bean Seeds- Canavalia gladiata

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Great tropical giant legume that makes bean pods 12" in length. The plants vine and need to grow up something.  Anitrogen fixing plant that adds nitrogen back into the soil. It is edible in its young green tender phase. Tropical perennial needs a long growing season. 110 days til maturity but young tender pods harvested at 75 days.

*Mature hard seeds contain toxins so please do reasearch on them before trying to consume the dried version. *

The seeds are not extensively utilized as food/feed mainly due to the presence of certain antinutritional compounds such as total free phenolics, tannins, Concanavalin A (Con A) lectin, L-Canavanine (a non-protein amino acid), phytic acid, oligosaccharides, protease inhibitors and α-amylase inhibitors

A must have for any permaculture, agroforestry, syntropic farm or garden. Plant in mass to form a cover crop or ground cover.

Freshly harvested for the 2022 growing season!
Price PER seed.

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