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Thai Purple chewy sugar apple seeds - A. squamosa 'Isan Indigo'

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A brand new variety selected by us here at Green Planet Farm. You are buying seeds of A. squamosa 'Isan Indigo' which is a chewy purple sugar apple. Price is for 8 seeds Note: Seeds are not always true to seed but more than likely will result in a superior sugar apple very similar to the mother. Grafted 'Isan Indigo' trees will be available in the future.


A few years ago I visited my future wife's family in the rural parts of Thailand's North east region called 'Isan'. (pronounced E-san) It was here I was gifted a very special fruit. I was handed a purple sugar apple that made the rest of the family jealous.  I ate and enjoyed the fruit and slipped some seeds into my back pocket. Long story short, a few trees ended up growing and got the first fruits in 2.5 years in Ft Myers, FL. There was one tree from all the seedlings that made about 6 fruits that 1st fruiting year with no pollination. This year (3.5yrs old from seed) the tree set 50 fruits with only hand pollination on 2 occasions 2 weeks apart.

The tree was selected and exhibits high productivity, excellent chewy dark purple/red skin, inside has white meaty flesh with a raspberry juice flavor, relative low seed count, it is an 'easy peel' sugar apple.

Background on sugar apple types:
In Thai they characterize the type of sugar apples into two categories: 'nang' or 'fai'. The 'nang' type is an easy peel chewy type when ripe. The 'fai' type is a type that is more of a sugary mush and much less desirable grainy texture. The 'Isan Indigo' is a 'nang' type along with the green 'Na Dai' Vietnamese types.  As far as I know all known RED SUGAR Apples types in cultivation are the 'fai' mushy type.