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We are a 5 acre organic farm, bee apiary, and plant nursery located in Punta Gorda, Florida. We grow heirloom sugar cane. Raise bees naturally and sell Raw local honey. We also sell the 'best' manual crank sugar cane juicer. We offer honey bee removal and swarm capture service in SW Florida. We also sell honey bee hives.


2017 Update: Raw Wildflower honey now available for sale below! The GPF-2 juicers with improved juice tray/valve are ON SALE, stocked and shipping! Limited availibility. We have a few varieties of sugar cane cuttings availble below. Thanks for the support!

Online special: Organic Sugar Cane Cuttings For Sale! Pieces 6-8"long ready to eat or plant! Each pack ships free!

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    Sugar Cane Juicers

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    cane juicer
    GPF-2 front
    juicer backside
    GPF-2 back
    GPF-2 front
    GPF-2 rear
    GPF Cart and GPF-2 Juicer
    GPF-1 Cane Juicer
    GPF-2 back
    New Juice tray for 2016


    Prices and Package options. Shipping will be calculated based on your zip code.

    Package A: ON SALE: GPF-2 Manual Crank Sugar Cane Juicer w/ improved stainless steel juice tray and tap $750 + Shipping

    Package B: One GPF Sugar cane juicer cart with castor wheels (fits GPF-2 juicers. Note GPF-1 require adaptor plate) - $180 + shipping

    Package C: Electric Motor kit includes 1/3hp 120v 60hz electric motor, belt, 3 prong power cord, and pulley(power cord will need to be wired to the rear of motor) - $260+ shipping


    The 2017 GPF-2 Sugar Cane Juicer with 1 Year Warranty!

    The GPF-2 sugar cane juicers are manually operated with a hand crank pulley that is geared for easy and effortless juicing operation. They have 3 stainless steel rollers and a stainless steel juice tray. The juice despenses through a spout and hose into a food grade container of your choice. The GPF-2 has a lime green heavy duty frame. If you wish, you can also add an electric motor and belt to automate the juicing process. (note: this voids the warranty) They come with a 1 year limited warranty beginning from the date of purchase. These exact machines are used with gas and electric motors all over Southeast Asia in juice stands. The machines are heavy duty, and weigh about 85lbs. The machines are industrial designed and may include small cosmetic imperfections, blemishes, paint chips, or surface rust.

    Features on the GPF-2:

    Contact us with your zip code for a shipping quote. Your juicer will come packed in a cardboard box with custom foam shell, assembly and juicing instructions included.

    GPF Juicer Cart

    The cart is a mix of welded and bolt together design so it packs and ships easily and built to last. It requires some assembly (nuts and bolts.) The lime green paint matches the GPF-2 juicer to make for a sleek custom look. It also includes 4 castor wheels for portability. Also included is a mounting plate for an electric motor if you choose to motorize your manual crank juicer. A protective cover guard shields the pulley and belt for safety. The juicer bolts easily to the cart and the bottom of the juicer is easily accessible for cleaning.

    Note: The cart is recommended if you plan on motorizing your unit. For manual cranking the height of the cart is TOO LOW and requires leaning over to crank. It is great for motorized operation!

    Motor Package Includes:

    *WARNING: Motorizing these units makes them more dangerous as there are moving parts such as a pulleys, belts, and gears that can cause injury. Always keep hands and loose clothing away from machine and keep protective guards on machine when in operation. It should be operated at your own risk. Use caution when juicing.*