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Sugar Cane Mult Heirloom Pack of 4

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Grow your own sugar cane! A taste of the south and a piece of history. We grow and collect over 25 varieties of heirloom sugar cane. We offer fresh cut pieces that are perfect for growing. Sugar cane prefers a hot and humid growing climate with plenty of moisture and soil fertility. It is successfully grown across many of the southern states and west into California.

You are buying a mix- pack of four varieties of heirloom sugar cane. You will receive (4) organically grown, fresh cut pieces 6-8" long of sugar cane ready for planting. each a separate variety which will be labeled, Home Green, Don Cinco, FL Red, and Asian Black)

Our sugar cane is grown organically, and these old heirloom varieties are preserved in our collection. We grow to distribute these varieties and to make fresh squeezed sugar cane juicer which is a very healthy refreshing drink. 





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