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100% Natural Sugar Cane Syrup

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Varietal Sugar Cane Syrup, small batch artisanal. 

Ginger infused cane syrup! We steep the freshly chopped ginger into the boiling cane juice, the 'Hawaiian yellow' ginger is grown organically on our farm also. The ginger adds a nice mild spice to the sweet caramel taste of the syrup.  Limited availability.

We grow our sugar cane organically grown right here on the farm. This artisanal syrup is made from different varieties of Heirloom canes.  Each one has a unique flavor and history. The syrup is made from boiling and evaporating the water off of the fresh pressed sugar cane juice in stainless steel syrup pans. Very similar in the way they make maple syrup in the north.  Made in small batches and labelled by variety. 


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