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Lemon Guava Seeds- Psidium littorale

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Lemon Guava - P. cattleianum ssp. lucidum.  This is the yellow cattleya guava, which is yellow, larger and has strong sweet lemon flavors compared to the more common red strawberry guava. The taste is sweet, and jelly like with lots of small seeds. the skin is edible also with a lemony crunch. It is said to be THE BEST tasting guava among guava aficionados. A very productive variety making multiple crops per year.  This fruit is a larger selection and makes more jumbo-sized fruits.   

Grow it from seed to fruit within 2 years. Evergreen shrubby tree with very interesting bark and trunk. Grows in wet moist soil most productive in full sun but grows in shady situations also. 
It is resistant to pest and diseases including root knot nematodes that attack the Psidium guajava. Can flower multiple times per year and the honeybees love the flowers when blooming. USDA Zone 9b-11

Each pack contains 10 Lemon Guava seeds.

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