Pidgeon Pea Seed Variety Pack- Cajanus cajan
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Pidgeon Pea Seed Variety Pack- Cajanus cajan

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Each pack contains 30 seeds mixed varieties:

  1. Spotted/speckled seed - pods are usually 4-5 seed
  2. Yellow/tan seed variety with yellow flower - pods of 8 seeds
  3. Purple seeded variety with red/yellow flowers. 

perennial legume. Mainly grown for its edible seed pods that resemble cowpeas (black eye peas) and its excellent nitrogen fixation and use as 'chop n' drop.'

It will grow for a few years into a small bushy tree.  Makes nice flowers that attract pollinators and makes for a great addition to a food forest, agroforestry, or other permaculture garden/farm. 

It makes edible pods that can be eaten fresh young and green like a pea or dried like a bean and stored and cooked later.  Very nutritious food crop that is easy to grow.  Pidgeon Pea plants are also nitrogen fixers, meaning they add nitrogen into the soil via the roots and the plants therefore are always a vibrant dark green and are not picky about soil type or conditions. Easy to sow direct into the soil or start them in pots. Very easy to grow! One of our favorites on the farm.

Also makes edible food for livestock as well, we feed them to the chickens. But they are much easier to grow that field peas and provide quick shade for establishing fruit trees. When pruned back the trimmings are great natural mulch in a chop n' drop system.

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