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Sugar Cane Plants

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Rare Heirloom Sugar cane starter plants -1 gallon size similar to the photos. Multiple varieties to choose from.

Asian Black  Dark Purple Black Canewith a waxy white band at each internode.  The softest sugarcane we grow and easy to peel and chew. Super sweet.  Plants grow shorter and stocky with large wide green leaaves.

Hilo Buddhah Belly - Rare! Variegated sugar cane with red and green stripes. Nodes are swollen hence the name. Its a very striking ornamental, shorter growth habit. Canes are sweet and edible!

Jamaican Stripe -  Rare variegated Golden sugarcane with red stripes along. This variety also has some variegated creamy colored stripes down the leaves. Its tall sweet and easy to peel and chew.

Florida Red - Dark reddish purple sugar cane that can grow tall and large. Juice is flavorful and sweet. Its easy to peel and chew also!



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