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Surinam Cherry 'Black' - Eugenia unifola SEEDS

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This is the Black or dark crimson colored fruit! The taste is sweet and and less resinous than the red common varieties of surinam cherry. This one tastes best when allowed to ripen to the darkest color right on the tree. It is a great tree for a food forrests or urban gardens and makes great hedges.  It a cold hardy plant  and handles freezing weather. Its good for zone 9b and up. but is known to take down to 22f with some damage. It is not picky with soil requirements. and grows in sand. One of the best tasting, productive variety. 

Grow it from seed to fruit in about 3 years. Evergreen shrubby tree that can be easily maintained in a residential lot or even as a potted tree. Grows in wet moist soil but can handle some drought. Most productive in full sun but grows in shady situations also. Can flower multiple times per year and the honeybees love the flowers when blooming. USDA Zone 9b-11 Also called Brazil cherry.

Surinam Cherry (

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